Michelle Obama Reveals Melania Trump’s Inauguration Day Gift. You Can Sleep Now.

It was one of the biggest mysteries in Washington since President Trump took office on Jan. 20, 2017: What did Mrs. Trump give the departing first lady in a blue box?x


BBC Managers Face Barrage of Criticism in Gender Pay Dispute

Lawmakers said the broadcaster faced a crisis as scores of employees have filed complaints and a former editor said it operated a “caste” system.x

News Analysis: Trump’s Speech Leaves Two Sides Further Apart Than Ever on Immigration

If the president believed his State of the Union address would bring the bipartisan agreement he says he seeks any closer, he received little encouragement on Wednesday.x

Ordering Guantánamo to Stay Open Is One Thing, but Refilling It Is Another

Despite signing an order to keep the prison at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, open, President Trump hasn’t solved problems that kept him from bringing new detainees there last year.x

U.S. Test of Missile Interceptor Fails Off Hawaiian Coast, Officials Say

The failure comes as tensions with North Korea are running high. But it was somewhat routine for a missile defense system that even advocates will not promote as providing a defensive shield.x

Episode 821: The Other Davos

The Saudi Arabian "cockpit," where they track their rankings

Billionaires, diplomats, thinkfluencers. This is the Davos everyone hears about. Today on the show, we take you to a different Davos.

(Image credit: Husameddin AlMadani)